Platforma de investiții luminor. Luminor Bank adoptă IBM Cloud pentru Servicii Financiare pentru a accelera transformarea digitală

I am of legal age, and I have reviewed and accept the service agreement. General Opțiune binară încercați and Subject of the Agreement 2.

Terms and Definitions 3. Communication and Provision of Information 4. Claims Procedure and Dispute Resolution 6. Applicable Laws 8. Responsibility of the Parties 9.

Duration and Process of Repudiation of the Agreement Final Provisions General Provisions and Subject of the Agreement 1. Vincent Bank Platforma de investiții luminor Building, P. A Party Parties to the Agreement is are also a Payment Agent s engaged by the Company to execute non-trading transactions under the Agreement. The information on the Payment Agent s is specified in the Agreement.

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The following documents constitute an integral part of this Service Agreement Appendices to this Service Agreement : a. The Company has the unilateral right to amend the list, name, and content of appendices to the Agreement.

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The Company has the right to add new appendices to the Agreement or remove existing appendices without making corresponding changes to this clause of the Agreement. The text of this Service Agreement and its appendices are collectively referred to as the "Agreement". The posted invitation is not public. The Company reserves the right, at certificat de opțiune discretion, to refuse to conclude the Agreement with anyone explaining or without explaining its reasons for refusal, or, if registration was completed, to terminate its contractual relationship and block access to the Trading Terminal.

The Client must carefully review the terms of the Agreement.

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The Client also represents and warrants the following items to the Company. All information provided during the Client's registration, as well as during the fulfillment of the Agreement, is true, accurate, reliable, and complete in every aspect.

The Client independently completed the registration form.


The Client will be guided by the principles of integrity, honesty, and rationality. The Client will not conduct any actions agreed with the other Clients of the Company to cause damage to the Company.

Udrea: Cred că dacă o omoram pe Kovesi, aveam şanse la o pedeapsă mai mică Luminor Bank și IBM au anunțat un nou contract, semnat în luna decembrie pe o durată de cinci ani, prin care IBM Services va sprijini Luminor să își accelereze transformarea digitală și să își consolideze procesele de securitate și conformitate cu reglementările prin migrarea infrastructurii IT către IBM Cloud pentru Servicii Financiare.

The Client will not use unfair and dishonest methods or ways of making trades transactions with the Company. The Client platforma de investiții luminor comply with legal standards, including international standards, intended to combat illegal trading, financial fraud, money laundering, and legalization of funds obtained illegally.

The Client will not use the Trading Terminal or the Company's website with the intention of abetting illegal financial activities or any other illegal transactions. No actions of the Client pursuant to the Agreement will violate any law, regulation, right, bylaw, or statutory rule and regulations applicable to the Client or in the jurisdiction where the Client resides, or the provisions of any other agreement the Client is bound to, or which affects any of the Client's assets.

Luminor Bank adoptă IBM Cloud pentru Servicii Financiare

The Client is not a state or municipal public servant, employee of a state or municipal institution, employee of a state or municipal organization, employee of an organization with predominant state participation in its capital, a politically exposed person PEPa family member or a relative of a PEP.

The Client is not a person who is closely associated with a PEP or a person who is associated with the USA or any other country in which the Company does not operate. The Subject of the Agreement is the definition of the general conditions regarding execution of transactions making trades by the Company, the content and procedures for which are established in the Agreement.

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The Company establishes the conditions of transactions trades and may amend the essential terms at its own discretion, may introduce restrictions on the number of transactions simultaneously made and introduce restrictions on the number of trades the Client can make within a time frame established by the Company, and other restrictions on trading at its discretion. The Company reserves the right to engage third parties to fulfill the Agreement.

Meanwhile, the Company is not responsible for services provided by such third parties. Terms and Definitions 2. Asset Underlying asset : the underlying financial instrument of an Fixed Time Trade. An asset may be a share in a company, market index, currency pair the exchange rate of one currency to anothera commodity listed on a market, an Option on a commodity, etc. Fixed Time Trade: a derivative financial instrument trade consisting of two operations: Making a trade and Closing a trade.

The Company does not provide the Client platforma de investiții luminor the opportunity to assume obligations exceeding the trade amount the Company does not provide the Client with leverage. When the Client makes trades, the funds deposited by the Client are used first, and only after such funds are completely exhausted, the Client has the right to use the Bonus for further trading.

In addition to Bonuses, the Company reserves the right to provide Clients with risk-free trades, and use other ways of rewarding and retaining the Client. In this case, a risk-free trade is defined as a trade, at the close of which the Client either platforma de investiții luminor the Income if the Client fulfills the platforma de investiții luminor conditions established in the Clause 2.

When the Client uses a risk-free trade that resulted in the return of the Trade Amount to the Client because the target and asset price were equal when the Fixed Time Trade expiredthe risk free trade offer is considered to be used by the Client. Company's Website: an internet site at the address domain name olymptrade.

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Fixed Time Trade Expiration Time: the expiration time of classic derivative financial instruments included in the Trade. Trading Time: the period of time when it is possible to perform trading operations regarding the relevant Underlying asset.

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Income: the amount of money that is determined and added to the Client's Account at the time of Closing of a Trade. Platforma de investiții luminor amount of Income is determined by the essential conditions of the trade and the Asset Rate.

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Making of a Trade: a transaction as a result of which the essential conditions of a trade with derivative financial instruments are agreed between the Client and the Company. After the Trade is made and the trade settlement is transferred to the liquidity provider, a Fixed Time Trade is considered to be opened.

Closing of a Trade: a transaction in which an open trade is closed upon the Fixed Time Trade Expiration Time agreed on by the Parties when a trade is made.

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